Piano Moving

RPM Piano Moving is in the business of safely transporting pianos, and our staff has more than 14 years experience doing so. RPM has proudly moved more than 9,000 pianos and counting!

Crating, Storage

In addition to moving services, RPM also provides crating for long distance shipping. No matter the distance you travel, RPM can build a custom crate to ensure the safe transport of your piano.

Furthermore, RPM has experience in total warehouse establishment and management. We offer a full spectrum of moving, crating, and storage services. We have experience in managing storage contracts of approximately 20,000 square feet of stocked warehouse space. However, we are flexible and responsive and would acquire the appropriate amount of space to meet your fluctuating needs.

Long Haul Moves

We can often save you more on long distance moves when bundled with our bulk piano transports. Depending on location of delivery, most clients have enjoyed a $300-$500 dollar savings on long haul moves by moving with our bulk transport system.

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